concerts of q'arto mondi 2014


SUNDAY - 6th of April 

 / 5:00 PM
Collegium Minus UAM, Lubrański Hall
(ul. Wieniawskiego 1, Poznań)

Free entrance

Meccorre String Quartet
Wojciech Koprowski – violin
Jarosław Nadzycki – violin
Michał Bryła – viola
Karol Marianowski – cello

For the fifth time, the opening concert of the „Q’arto Mondi” festival will feature Meccorre String Quartet. Last year was a period of an intense development of the ensemble, as they toured the USA for the first time, promoted their latest record featuring music from Mozart and Beethoven, and finally performed during the majority of significant European music festivals. The quartet, whose new member is the violinist Jarosław Nadzycki, will perform a very broad and interesting programme. Its main theme though will be played on the impressionist note. We wish you unforgettable memories during the first concert of the Festival and we believe that it will encourage you to participate in the coming events.

K. Szymanowski – String Quartet in C major no. 1 op. 37
C. Debussy – String Quartet in G minor op. 10
M. Ravel – String Quartet in F major

MONDAY - 7th of April 

/ 7:00 PM
Collegium Minus UAM, Lubrański Hall
(ul. Wieniawskiego 1, Poznań)

Free entrance

Kuijken Quartet
Sigiswald Kuijken - violin
François Fernandez - violin
Marleen Thiers - viola
Wieland Kuijken - cello

Can you, in the 20th century, being one of the best quartets in the world, neglect the importance of having your own website? Can you reject technological development? Telephones, e-mails, concert agencies? Yes, you can, if your name is Kuijken and your whole being is dedicated to music. And so it is with the family Kuijken Quartet. For many years now, they have been the most influential group of musicians, deciding about how baroque and classical music are played these days. Each of their records is a masterpiece and the quintessence of deep knowledge paired with intuition and emotions. Tonight’s highlights: the magnificent sound of old instruments, virtuoso skills of the players, but above all the opportunity to go back in the musical time and to relive all the compositions as we never heard them before, that is to quote only a few of the attractions.

J. Haydn – String Quartet in D major op. 20 no. 4
W. A. Mozart – Requiem in D minor KV626 (arr. Peter Lichtenthal)

TUESDAY - 8th of April 

/ 7:00 PM
Collegium Minus UAM, Lubrański Hall
(ul. Wieniawskiego 1, Poznań)

Free entrance

Silesian Quartet
Szymon Krzeszowiec - violin
Arkadiusz Kubica - violin
Łukasz Syrnicki - viola
Piotr Janosik - cello

It is a great honour for the organisers to host such a renowned quartet as Kwartet Śląski. They are currently celebrating the 35th anniversary of their artistic activities. It is our second meeting with the “Silesians” as Kwartet Śląski performed already during “Q’arto Mondi 2010” when they presented their project “Republique”. This time however, we will listen to their more classical side as they will perform modern Polish music. We would like to cordially invite you to this concert, which will hopefully stay in our memories as a combination of great performing skills, intriguing interpretations and incredible charisma this Polish quartet possesses.

K. Szymanowski – String Quartet no. 2 op. 56
A. Panufnik – String Quartet no. 2 „Messages”
D. Shostakovich – String Quartet in C minor no. 8 op. 110

THURSDAY - 10th of April 

/ 7:00 PM
Collegium Minus UAM, Lubrański Hall
(ul. Wieniawskiego 1, Poznań)

Free entrance

Cuarteto Quiroga
Aitor Hevia – violin
Cibrán Sierra – violin
Josep Puchades – viola
Helena Poggio – cello

Quiroga String Quartet has conquered concert halls all around the world at the speed of lightning, combining incredibly spirited style of play, excellent technique and amazing visions of the quartet repertoire presented during their performances. Quiroga and Mecorre became friends in rather unfavourable conditions, both struggling to convince the Jury during the competition in Reggio Emilia. Both quartets were awarded highest prizes, but music and values it brings about are above all competition and rivalry. We hope that these young musicians, highly talented and mature in their interpretations, will let us feel their emotions. Every chamber music fan and music lover will have a feast this night!

J. Haydn – String Quartet in A major op. 20 no. 6
J. Turina – Oracion del Torero
G. Kurtág – Aus Der Ferne III+V
A. Schönberg – String Quartet in D major

FRIDAY - 11 April 2014 

/ 7:00 PM
Cafe "Pod Pretekstem"
(ul. Święty Marcin 80/82, Poznań)

Free entrance

Highlander Folk Quartet Jazgot
Jan Trebunia – Tutka – viola, vocals
Andrzej Jędrek Polak – violin, vocals
Andrzej Jarząbek – violin, vocals
Robert Czech - hungarian cimbalom, double bass

There´s no other music as natural, perfect in its form and at the same time so vigorous and full of various folklore influences, as the music of Podhale. Therefore it has also been an endless source of inspiration for such great polish composers as among others Szymanowski, Górecki and Kilar. In this special evening we would like to „move the mountains” to Poznań in order to spend some unique time among the sounds of traditional polish folk band. The „Jazgot” band is highly appreciated and recognized for their exceptional ability to unite the quintessence of the Southern Poland traditional music as well as the influences from walachian and hungarian culture. Wild temperaments, perfect technical abilities, spontaneity and at the same time melancholy and nostalgy literally pouring out of their instruments. These are the values, that guarantee a magical and unforgettable evening. Let's open our hearts for this one of a kind ensamble and let their emotions take as away. Have fun - drink, sing and dance all you want!

SATURDAY - 12th of April 

/ 7:00 PM
Collegium Minus UAM, Lubrański Hall
(ul. Wieniawskiego 1, Poznań)

Free entrance

Bell'art Quartet
Tinnitus Quartet
Jahnke String Quartet
Imperto String Quartet

Tonight is reserved for young, but very talented musicians, just starting their chamber music career. We will hear tonight students from the Ignacy Jan Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznań, where they study under tuition from the members of Meccorre String Quartet. It is Meccorre members who decide which of the quartets will meet the public and thus will be given the opportunity to perform among famous and renowned artists. We are convinced that they will show off their young spirits, perfection and creative approach towards classical repertoire. We also believe that artists’ names will remain in your memory and soon we will all witness their international careers flourish.

J. Haydn – String Quartet in D minor op. 76 no. 2 "Quinten"
J. Brahms – String Quartet in C minor op. 51 no. 1
J. Haydn – String Quartet in C major op. 20 no. 2
L. van Beethoven – String Quartet in C minor op. 18 no. 4

SUNDAY - 13th of April 

/ 7:00 PM
I. J. Paderewskiego Academy of Music
Aula Nova (ul. Święty Marcin 87, Poznań)

Free entrance

Danish String Quartet
Asbjørn Nørgaard – violin
Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen – violin
Fredrik Schøyen Sjölin – viola
Frederik Øland – cello

Closing this year’s „Q’arto Mondi” is a highly original and remarkable Danish String Quartet. Scandinavian roots mixed with Western European musical education give an extraordinary and uncommon result. Their interpretations are often surprising and different from we are used to listen to. That is how their music takes on a different meaning, particularly the “classical” one, whose interpretation traditions make listeners lean towards certain interpretations. We wholeheartedly hope that this last meeting will be an intriguing one, unique and special. May it also be an invitation to meet other interesting musicians during the following editions.

C. A. Nielsen – String Quartet in E-flat major op. 14
F. Mendelssohn – Capriccio and Fugue op. 81
L. van Beethoven – String Quartet in C-sharp minor op. 131